Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

I have been away from my blog for quite some time now. Three months to be exact.  I have a really good reason so I do not feel bad at all.  I dropped my oldest off at college.  Enough said.  It was a process I wasn’t expecting.  Back when we started visiting Universities, it was exciting, a learning curve, and anticipatory.  My daughter got googly – eyed over one University and shed a few tears when she was accepted to that one.  Throughout summer we began prepping for the inevitable drop-off day:  get ready for Greek week, buy all the essentials for a dorm room, pay tuition, figure out meal plans, connect with roommate, and talk about all the great experiences she was going to have.  

Then came the day. A whirlwind of driving, meeting people, decorating the dorm room, and the last minute trip to Target with all the other college kid parents.  And then 7 pm rolled around, and it was time to go.  Time to rip my heart away from my sweet daughter and let her fly.  I knew she would be fine.  That wasn’t it.  It is that she is forever different now.  She will start to navigate her life without consulting me on everything.  “Who thought this was a good idea?”  
“She is going to be too far away.”  As our car drove away from campus, I thought this was the worst idea we had ever had.

We are four weeks in now and I am usually ok with her decision.  She, however, was always good with this choice and is flourishing just as she is supposed to be.  She has her sorority, her floor mates, and new classmates.  She goes to church, does her homework, and her own laundry.  And her text messages reassures me that she is alive and well.  It has been a journey that no one could have prepared me for, but at the end of the day its her journey and I couldn’t be prouder.  IMG_0560