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True Inspiration

I am inspired by so many amazing people who say I inspire them.  It is a strange feeling knowing that I inspire others. When I hear that my name has come up with a group of runners or athletes as a person of inspiration truly gives me pause.  The reason people say these things about me is because I live with MS.  I was diagnosed about five years ago.  It was a truly awful period in my life, but I have adjusted and am so fortunate that my disease only slightly effects the quality of my life.  I pop a pill everyday that seems to keep my MS in check, and when it does give me trouble rarely does anyone know but my family.  My secret little motto is, “If I can, I will”.  And so I do most of the time. I stay active, eat relatively healthy, and find ways to truly enjoy my beautiful life.

I also try to find ways to give back to an organization that helped me get through some tough times.  The National MS Society.  I periodically volunteer for our local NMSS chapter.  I will be blogging out a few related MS posts as I have my own little Bike Team, Team Musclehead, riding in September to raise money for our local chapter.  If you are interested in joining my bike team and raising about least $200 for the cause please click here.  You can also email me at or join my Facebook page

But the main point of this post is to highlight two amazing local women who inspire me.  Laurie Halpenny and Jamie Plucker will be a part of the MS run the US this summer.  This 3,000 mile relay runs from California to New York.  Their fundraising goal is $10,000 each. They will run a marathon a day over the course of a few days to complete their leg of the relay.  By the time these ladies finish their runs they will have covered about 170 miles each- yes each!  These gals are a true inspiration.   Please consider filling their fundraising buckets by clicking here for Jamie and here for Laurie.   I mean, for real, the entire relay covers 3,000 miles!  Unbelievable!

The time and commitment these gals are showing for this event truly inspires me!  As my MS Bike team comes together I am going to keep their efforts close to my heart as I strive to make a difference in September.


Omaha Kids~ Tri it Out!

I say I am a triathlete, but really I just dabble in it.  I have been a runner for years and I love cycling.  I grew up swimming on swim teams and spending summer weekends at the lake.  So I have done a handful of triathlon races.  I love them!  I love being outside, training with friends, and finding my own physical limits and breaking through them.  I would like to think that I inspire my own kids, but honestly they just think I am crazy.

One of my training partners and sweet friend, Liz Wallace, heads up the Lifetime Run Club at Omaha’s Lifetime Fitness Club.  She is organizing the first ever INDOOR KIDS TRI.  The event this year takes place June 8 in the morning at Lifetime Fitness.  Here is the rundown on the race:

  • First wave begins at 7 am.  For your newbies that just means the first group of kids hit the pool.  There isn’t actually a wave. The younger group will start first.
  • Kids ages 12-14 will have a 5 minute swim, a 15 minute stationary bike time, and a 10 minute treadmill run.
  • Kids ages 15-17 will do a 10 minute swim, a 30 minute stationary bike time, and a 20 minute treadmill run.
  • Fee is $30 for members and $35 for nonmembers.



This race would be perfect for any active kid just to try out this sport, and with this crew of volunteers I know these little racers will have a blast.  Gear is low maintenance as well- just a swimsuit, tennis shoes, and comfy workout clothes.  No helmet or bike needed!

Your kids will be in the presence of some serious racers who have accomplished half iron man races, olympic distance tri’s, and all around supportive and positive individuals.  There will be a post pool party for the racers and the volunteers with food a DJ and swimming.  If you have any questions about the event contact