5 Ways to App Smash for Your Book Creator Project

image.pngI had the pleasure of presenting at the recent iBooks Author Conference in Nashville, TN. My topic was App Smashing for Your Book Creator Project. This post gives you the run down of the apps I used and how you or your students can ramp up that iBook in Book Creator.

The Geography Smash

Use Google Earth, Skitch, and iMovie for this app smash. Use this for identifying and labeling places on earth. iMovie is the tool to add some music, titles, and voice over.

Step 1: Find the location your book is about and take a screen shot. (Hold the home button and power button at the same time and quickly release).

Step 2: Use Skitch to add labels, arrows, or stickers onto the image.

Step 3: Import image into iMovie to add titles, music, and voice overs.

Step 4: Add the video into your Book Creator project.

The Avatar Smash

Use Pic Collage and Buddy Poke for this app smash. Use this app smash for providing a platform to be on camera without actually being on camera. This avatar will do the work for you! 

Step 1: Collect creative commons images or take your own images with your iOS device and create a collage using Pic Collage and save it to your camera roll.

Step 2: Open Buddy Poke and customize the avatar by choosing hair color, eye color, clothing, and accessories.

Step 3: Use the Pic Collage you just created as the background image.

Step 4: Record the voiceover for your Avatar

Step 5: Save to camera roll and Add the video into your Book Creator project.

The Animation Creation Smash

Create animations using Sketchbook Express, Stop Motion, and iMovie. Use this smash for students who want to create cartoon like books or to document change over time.

Step 1: Create sketches in Sketchbook Express or capture sequential images created by hand by using the camera app on your device.

Step 2: Use Stop Motion to put the images into the correct sequence and press the play button to see the animation. This is similar to old fashioned cartoon creation methods.The images “flip” to create the animation.

Step 3: Repeat step 5 above. Note: Use iMovie if you want to add sound effects to your animation.

The Book Cover Smash

Assembly and Canva will create beautiful and interesting book covers for your Book Creator projects.

Step 1: Use Assembly to create images, patterns, or logos.

Step 2: Import the created image into your Canva app.

Step 3: Use Canva to add more color, texture, or text images.

Step 4: Add as the cover for your Book Creator project.

The Explanation Creation Smash 

Explain Everything and Photos can create amazingly beautiful screen casting projects. Use this to introduce concepts, review concepts, or to create projects for your students to create to explain their understanding of a concept.

Step 1: Create a slideshow in Photos and export to your camera roll.

Step 2: Create a new Explain Everything screencast and add your slideshow as a video. Explain Everything has huge capabilities that I won’t go into in this post, but it is worth every penny and time spent figuring it out! 

Step 3: Save to camera roll and add to your Book Creator project

The Talking Image Smash

ChatterPix and iMovie can be used to bring images to life. This project is quick and easy and is a favorite of most elementary students. Use this if students are doing an animal project or want an image to talk.

Step 1: Open ChatterPix and capture the image. Draw a line on the mouth and record the voice over. Add accessories like hats, sunglasses, and stickers. Save to camera roll.

Step 2: Bring the video into iMovie to add music, titles, and sound effects.

Step 3: Save to camera roll and add to your Book Creator project.

If you or your students are into using Book Creator to create digital content, try your hands at ramping up your book with one of these app smashes. Your imagination is your only limitation!



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