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Build Your Best Training Session Ever!

In my years as an educator, I’ve been an Instructional Technology Coach, Instructional Technology Trainer, Computer Lab teacher, and classroom teacher. I’m now an online instructor and the Director of Training at Score Publishing. Like many educators, I’ve sat through endless PD sessions, created hundreds of sessions myself, and attended numerous conferences. I’ve heard some amazing speakers and learned a lot from smarter people than myself on platforms like Twitter. Along the way, I’ve picked up a few tricks that I use in my teaching and training today. The Haiku Deck below is an overview of each philosophy I try to incorporate into every training I deliver.

So often, companies enter a room with a prepared PowerPoint, stand and deliver, then leave. These types of trainings are a waste of time. Dont do this! Instead, create an environment for your learners that direct them to collaborative spaces like Google docs. Bring in an expert on the topic via video, have learners share ideas and reflections on spaces like Padlet or Twitter. There are so many ways to take a training session to the next level by leveraging technology tools.

Educators need to have trainings that understand their needs. They need to have access to the trainers after a session. They need to leave the room excited and empowered.

I want to share my current training philosophy with you. I’m passionate about delivering engaging and transforming training sessions despite the topic. If I’ve left something off that you feel is necessary, please leave me a comment. I must also add that I have had some amazing team members to work with like @annfeldmann1, @mrsjcarlson, and @catlett1. These people helped me shape my ideas on what makes a great training session. As @annfeldmann1 says, “we are better together,” and I have to agree with her.
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