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Three Great Ways to Curate Content Before Writing Your iBook

Curating content comes in many forms. You might collect articles, videos, images, or ideas in many different ways.  Having a system to curate content will make your life much easier when it comes to writing your iBook. You will want your content to be engaging throughout. As you are researching articles, videos, and possible forums. Have a method of saving those to something specific so that you can easily find them when you are ready to draft your book. Imagine coming across an article that would be a perfect link for your book, but you aren’t writing the book at the time. Just use your curating tool and then you will have it saved for when you are ready.  Here are three tools that can help you curate online content.

getpocket.com. It syncs with my browsers from any device and I can go back to the content when I am ready. On my iPad I have the app so that if I curate content on my Mac it will also show up on my iPad in the app.

Some people like Save to My Drive from Google. This works really well if you are a Google Chrome user. Your online articles and images will drop right into your Google Drive. Better yet, if you have your Google Drive app on your iPad, you can find your curated content all synced up.

I’ve also used scoop.it in the past. Your scoop.it content starts to look like an online magazine and is more for publishing, but it will hold whatever you find on the web. Your scoop.it pages are fun to share if you are going to a conference or training your colleagues on a topic.

The point is to find a tool that works for you and stick with it. It will make finding your content later so much easier. The content you create will be waiting for you when you begin drafting out your iBook!

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