How to Make Blog Post Titles That Rock

OK so you’ve committed yourself to attempting to create and to keep up with your blog.  You’ve got your first post idea rolling around in your head and maybe you’ve even started drafting out the content. Great! Now how what about that title?  The trick to a solid title is to catch the reader’s attention and convey immediately the point of the post. Teachers are busy people and like things to be to the point.

I have a teacher colleague who always started his blog with, The Time When.. It worked for me as a reader because I knew he was going to tell a story and reflect on the event. Other teacher bloggers might use titles like How We Beat Long Division, or Three Tips to Successful Calculus Problem Solving, or When the Chicken Came Out of the Egg.

Here are five ways to make your titles stick and be amazing!

Use Strong Language

Sounds simple enough but you want to use words that convey emotion. Words like unbelievable, amazing, rock, impossible, and mind blowing are good examples of words that will catch reader’s attention. Every teacher wants to achieve the impossible right?

Use Numbers

This is a very common but effective strategy to title creation. I use it often enough for sure.  Titles like 3 Ways to Master Notability, 5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Second Graders Can do Better Than You, or 10 Ways to Use Google Classroom Today!”  This lets your reader know exactly what they will get out of your post.

Ask a Question

Opening your blog with a title question is a great way to increase interest. Question titles like Want to Know More About Pages? or Did You Know That Your Students Can Change The World with One Google Hangout? Using questions isn’t my favorite method because as you can see sometimes your title becomes lengthy, but its a good strategy to have tucked in your back pocket if you get hung up on one of the other methods. Change is good right?

Use Specific Words

Nouns and adverbs are great ways to start a title. Words like how, tips, tricks, why, when work really well in titles. Titles like How Your Students Can Create 3D Images, or Tips and Tricks for your Google Drive, and Why You Want to Let Your Students Play on their iPads.  

Create Your Title After You Have Written and Revised Your Post

I often start a post with a title in mind and then completely change it after I have revised the post.  Sometimes I end up with two different topics in my writing and break it into two different posts.  Don’t feel like you have to have the title first. Working backwards is really helpful. Teachers work backwards all the time so this should feel pretty natural.

Basically, your titles should be catchy, simple, and to the point. There are actually blog title generator websites, like BlogAbout and HubSpot that will generate a title for you. When I am desperate I will use these but your voice will always carry  greater emotion and energy.

Next up in my blogging series on teacher blogging:  How to Make Your Posts Even Better With Collaboration


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