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QR Codes for Stocking Stuffers

image created by me with SketchbookX


If you have tech savvy teens in your house and you need some stocking stuffer ideas then this post is for you!  As a mom and professional in the Ed Tech sphere my kids think I don’t know anything about apps and how kids use tech.  Don’t worry, I take no offense at this.  I just find ways to show them differently in a kind, motherly way.  This Christmas, my teens are getting QR codes in their stockings.  The codes link up to some new and very cool apps that most teens would enjoy.


Here are 4 of the apps that I am “giving” my kids as stocking stuffers.

Cam Me

This app lets a person take a selfie by waving their hand in front of their phone.  Cool right?

French Girls

It sounds creepy, but FrenchGirls crowd sources artists from across the globe.  You send a picture or selfie out through the app and someone creates a sketch of it and sends it back to you.


This will link your teen to dozens of music apps on the itunes store.  There is a Karaoke app with Smule, instrument apps and more.  


Tickle is a simple coding app that lets the user create directions that will control a drone.  We are linking it to the Parrot Drone.  


This is a 3D design and printing app that anybody can use.  You don’t even have to print it if you do not have access to a 3D printer.  Being able to design in 3D is becoming an essential skill for kids interested in STEAM.  


Feel free to download the document, print it and pop it in your kids stockings.  All your kids need is a mobile device and a scanning app like Inigma.  They might love them, already have them, or hate them.  Disclaimer, one of the apps is a coding app that then controls a Drone.  So if you aren’t buying a Drone for one of your kids, you might not want to share that app.

Here is the document I created and printed to use in their stockings.

If you’d like to see more amazing ed tech tools and resources click here.  

Do you have a techie thing you are doing with kids for the Holidays?



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