Using GeoGebra to Engage Math Students

Today I witnessed an entire high school math class 100% engaged in learning about isosceles triangles. The teacher used Chromebooks and the app GeoGebra.  GeoGebra is a great tool for integrating technology into teaching algebra, geometry, graphing, spreadsheets, and 3 dimensional design standards.  It provides students with the tools to create accurate graphs, 3-D models, and geometry models. GeoGebra is a free tool that can be accessed on mobile devices through an app, as an app on a Chromebook, or by simply using their URL in any browser at www.geogebra.org.  

GeoGebra+google Drive


Geogebra is appropriate for middle and high schools and even some advanced elementary math students.  GeoGebra also has a large base of Materials you can use for teaching your math standards.  

Here is an activity that one teacher taught at a High School. Using GeoGebra her students created isosceles triangles, found perpendicular intersecters, and labeled specific points on shapes.  Her students had never used this application and within ten minutes her students were successful.  

Her students were able to use the Save to My Google Drive extension to save their creations directly to their Google Drive. From there they created a new Google Doc and used the insert image tool to place all of their images onto one single Doc to be shared back to the teacher.

Using computer skills to create models based on math theorems, proofs, and geometry rules is a great skill for our future engineers and future designers of the world.



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