Have Your Kid be a Transparent Traveler

Many of you are either getting ready to haul you and all your stuff maybe a few hours from home to return to campus life.  Or maybe you are a parent of a college kid and are dreading their long drive ahead without you in the car to remind them to turn their blinker off, get out and stretch, and drink coffee.  I know we were like that last week when one of our kids had to make their trek back to college 10 hours away.  

UnknownOne of the things that helped me not go completely crazy with worry was her iPhone’s ability to share her location with us.  That way, we could see the route progressing across the map.  By simply going into a text message and tapping on details anyone can share their location with you.  It isn’t the same as being there with them, but it helped to know exactly where she was if something did happen.  

I learned that my kid is a turtle driver- slow and stead. I also learned that she is competent enough to make this drive alone.  Of course I called every two hours just to make sure all was well.  If you have a driver taking off to college on their own trek, make sure they share their location with you or someone else.  I think we as parents, deserve peace-of-mind whenever possible.  Don’t you?  Thanks iPhone!


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