IPhoneless chronicles day 6

Today I had two events in which I really missed my phone. One was a fundraising luncheon for the National MS Society. There were some great people there and I would have taken a few pics with them and posted it on FB if I on,y had my phone. I will just have to remember this moment in my heart and mind.
The other was a doctors appointment in which I was a few minutes late. Well, I thought, I can’t call them to let them know, so maybe I will drive a little faster. Wait, if I drive faster I could get pulled over for speeding and then I would be really late in which case would i still go just to apologize for being late and ramble on about how I don’t have a phone to call them?
I arrive safe and sound without a speeding ticket, and the receptionist doesn’t say a word about my five minute tardiness. In fact she doesn’t seem bothered at all. Neither does my doctor.
Hmmmm, maybe I get too worked up over this stuff….
Replacement phone arriving tomorrow!


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