IPhoneless chronicles day 3

Today I played the “crazy mom” card. My 13 year old son was sick last night. When I say sick, I mean hogging the toilet, weak in the knees sick. He went off to school today looking a little green but kept breakfast down and insisted that he was fine. So around 12:00 I start to worry that he is sitting in the school nurses office trying to get ahold of me, except that I have no phone so no one can reach me. The emergency contact is my mother who lives thirteen hours away. Had they tried to call her, she would have wondered if I had died somewhere. So I had no other choice but to call the school and tell them that I was worried that my son has been puking his guts up all day without anyone to come pick him up.
The school nurse was very calm in telling me that, no he hasn’t been there and I can assume everything is fine. My imaginary catastrophe was just that. Imaginary. I wonder how many times we just look at our phones just to be reassured that our loved ones are just fine? I might worry too much. Five days to go


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