iPhone chronicles day 7

So here is the low down on how I am getting my replacement phone. First I take my phone to the Apple store and be honest. “I dropped it in the toilet”. I have had it in a bag of rice for 48 hours and still no go. So he pulls out the SIM card and takes a look. “No water damage there”. He takes it to the back and looks at the battery. “There is some condensation on the battery. Since you don’t have Apple Care, maybe just wait a couple more days for it to dry out”, he suggests. Fine, that’s what I do. Except that when I get home I realize my store guy hasn’t put the back on all the way so now it looks like I dropped my phone on sometching hard.
I do actually wait a couple of days to see if more drying will help, and it doesn’t. This time I try the local atandt store. I know that atandt can’t tell that I have dropped it in water, Because the SIM cards looks fine. This time I am not so honest, I just say I dropped it, which isn’t a lie all-together. I just omitted the splashing part.
I have insurance so he happily fills out a claim and days my replacement phone will arrive in three business days. I agree since it won’t cost me a penny more and am thrilled to have the same phone in my hand. I can learn a few more things about my phone habits. See, I didn’t really want that I phone 6!

Six Things I have learned
1. I’m not as important as I think I am.
2. I use my phone as a security blanket and sometimes as a social wall.
3. I worry about things that might be happening way too much when nothing is happening at all.
4. I need to be more fully in the present.
5. Selfies are over rated
5. My inner voice is really all I need to hear.
6. My technology really does make my life look more organized even if it isn’t.


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