My iPhoneless Chronicles

I did it again. I should have learned my lesson in the Omaha airport before catching a flight out to California. But I didn’t. Wednesday I had my iPhone in my back pocket as I went to the restroom between meetings. Plop! Splash! My stomach sank. My beautiful gold iPhone 5S fell right into the toilet pre-waste, thank goodness!
This incident happened on the same day that Apple unveiled its iPhone 6. I swore to my Facebook friends and my family that I didn’t do it on purpose. My phone isn’t even paid for!
The following posts are my observations about myself and people in general on the use and dependency on their phones. I went seven whole days without my phone and learned a little about myself in the process. If you are ever brave enough to try this experience voluntarily, I bet you will learn a few things as well. I hope you enjoy my little journey.
Disclosure: I do have an iPad and laptop so I wasn’t completely off line.


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