IPhoneless Chronicles Day 2

Shopping without a phone sounds like no big deal. Except when you are shopping alone. At Dillard’s I am scouring through clearance racks for my daughter. How am I going to decide if she will like the navy dress or the white dress without taking a picture and sending it to her? I used to not like shopping alone, but now I realize I was never alone as long as I had my phone. I could choose to be instantly connected on my shopping adventures. But now I have to decide all by myself. I end up leaving empty handed.
My next stop was the grocery store, specifically Hyvee. People at Hyvee are either putting some happy pills in their coffee, or their employee training on friendliness is through the roof. One of my tactics to avoid the never ending friendly chatter at Hyvee is to look especially engrossed in something on my phone. Today, that wasn’t going to happen. At the checkout lane, I had to look up and look around. I made the point of making eye contact and got involved in a conversation about sweet potatoes and odd looking turnips. Even though the only other people looking at me were employees, because everyone else was looking at their phones, I felt good about myself for having had a root vegetable conversation with the overly-friendly checkout girl.
Time to head home and be with my people, because I am tired of listening to my own voice and talking to strangers. Six days to go.


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