IPhoneless Chronicles Day 1

I spend a lot of time in my car on my way to work, home, and running between school buildings, and running people around. I call it my mobile office. Funny thing is it isn’t much of an office without my phone. I had to spend a lot of time with just little ole me in my car. Alone with my thoughts unable to fulfill my impulses to call people, make appointments, or take a photo of the sunrise on my way to work.
I love listening to my iTunes music via blue tooth and that wasn’t happening. So, god forbid, I listened to the radio. I had phone calls to make that would have to wait until I got to work.
It all felt very awkward and my life started to feel a little more challenging. I actually had to start prioritizing and organizing my time better without my iPhone. I consider myself pretty well organized, but now I am thinking maybe I’m not. Maybe my iPhone just allows me to multi task so easily that I don’t really have to consider time and priorities. They just happen so seamlessly when I have my phone. This is hard! Not sure I am gonna make it seven days.


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