IPhoneless chronicles day 5

I’ve become addicted to my iPad. I thought I was a pretty consistent user on my iPad, but now I have it with me all the time. When online I am able to get to my text messages, albeit minutes or hours too late, but at least my new phone won’t blow up when I turn it back on. I’ve only had a couple of missed opportunities due to lack of instant messaging and neither was a big deal. Maybe I don’t need this phone thing after all….. Maybe I am just not that important. Three days to go.


iPhone chronicles day 7

So here is the low down on how I am getting my replacement phone. First I take my phone to the Apple store and be honest. “I dropped it in the toilet”. I have had it in a bag of rice for 48 hours and still no go. So he pulls out the SIM card and takes a look. “No water damage there”. He takes it to the back and looks at the battery. “There is some condensation on the battery. Since you don’t have Apple Care, maybe just wait a couple more days for it to dry out”, he suggests. Fine, that’s what I do. Except that when I get home I realize my store guy hasn’t put the back on all the way so now it looks like I dropped my phone on sometching hard.
I do actually wait a couple of days to see if more drying will help, and it doesn’t. This time I try the local atandt store. I know that atandt can’t tell that I have dropped it in water, Because the SIM cards looks fine. This time I am not so honest, I just say I dropped it, which isn’t a lie all-together. I just omitted the splashing part.
I have insurance so he happily fills out a claim and days my replacement phone will arrive in three business days. I agree since it won’t cost me a penny more and am thrilled to have the same phone in my hand. I can learn a few more things about my phone habits. See, I didn’t really want that I phone 6!

Six Things I have learned
1. I’m not as important as I think I am.
2. I use my phone as a security blanket and sometimes as a social wall.
3. I worry about things that might be happening way too much when nothing is happening at all.
4. I need to be more fully in the present.
5. Selfies are over rated
5. My inner voice is really all I need to hear.
6. My technology really does make my life look more organized even if it isn’t.


IPhoneless chronicles day 6

Today I had two events in which I really missed my phone. One was a fundraising luncheon for the National MS Society. There were some great people there and I would have taken a few pics with them and posted it on FB if I on,y had my phone. I will just have to remember this moment in my heart and mind.
The other was a doctors appointment in which I was a few minutes late. Well, I thought, I can’t call them to let them know, so maybe I will drive a little faster. Wait, if I drive faster I could get pulled over for speeding and then I would be really late in which case would i still go just to apologize for being late and ramble on about how I don’t have a phone to call them?
I arrive safe and sound without a speeding ticket, and the receptionist doesn’t say a word about my five minute tardiness. In fact she doesn’t seem bothered at all. Neither does my doctor.
Hmmmm, maybe I get too worked up over this stuff….
Replacement phone arriving tomorrow!


IPhoneless chronicles day 4

I have to make a phone call on my landline at work. I scheduled a conference call in the morning and was a minutes late to get it started because at the time I had a mobile device. Now I don’t!
I pick up the phone and dial 9 plus the number. “This line is no longer in service.”
I hang up the phone and try again, this time I did 9+1+ the number. “This line is no longer in service”.
I hang up the phone and just dial 1+the number. “This line is no longer in service.”
Ok I give up! Um, Ann, (my desk neighbor) can I borrow your iPhone?
I seriously cannot even use a landline anymore. I’m incapable of understanding it! Four days to go!



IPhoneless chronicles day 3

Today I played the “crazy mom” card. My 13 year old son was sick last night. When I say sick, I mean hogging the toilet, weak in the knees sick. He went off to school today looking a little green but kept breakfast down and insisted that he was fine. So around 12:00 I start to worry that he is sitting in the school nurses office trying to get ahold of me, except that I have no phone so no one can reach me. The emergency contact is my mother who lives thirteen hours away. Had they tried to call her, she would have wondered if I had died somewhere. So I had no other choice but to call the school and tell them that I was worried that my son has been puking his guts up all day without anyone to come pick him up.
The school nurse was very calm in telling me that, no he hasn’t been there and I can assume everything is fine. My imaginary catastrophe was just that. Imaginary. I wonder how many times we just look at our phones just to be reassured that our loved ones are just fine? I might worry too much. Five days to go


IPhoneless Chronicles Day 2

Shopping without a phone sounds like no big deal. Except when you are shopping alone. At Dillard’s I am scouring through clearance racks for my daughter. How am I going to decide if she will like the navy dress or the white dress without taking a picture and sending it to her? I used to not like shopping alone, but now I realize I was never alone as long as I had my phone. I could choose to be instantly connected on my shopping adventures. But now I have to decide all by myself. I end up leaving empty handed.
My next stop was the grocery store, specifically Hyvee. People at Hyvee are either putting some happy pills in their coffee, or their employee training on friendliness is through the roof. One of my tactics to avoid the never ending friendly chatter at Hyvee is to look especially engrossed in something on my phone. Today, that wasn’t going to happen. At the checkout lane, I had to look up and look around. I made the point of making eye contact and got involved in a conversation about sweet potatoes and odd looking turnips. Even though the only other people looking at me were employees, because everyone else was looking at their phones, I felt good about myself for having had a root vegetable conversation with the overly-friendly checkout girl.
Time to head home and be with my people, because I am tired of listening to my own voice and talking to strangers. Six days to go.


IPhoneless Chronicles Day 1

I spend a lot of time in my car on my way to work, home, and running between school buildings, and running people around. I call it my mobile office. Funny thing is it isn’t much of an office without my phone. I had to spend a lot of time with just little ole me in my car. Alone with my thoughts unable to fulfill my impulses to call people, make appointments, or take a photo of the sunrise on my way to work.
I love listening to my iTunes music via blue tooth and that wasn’t happening. So, god forbid, I listened to the radio. I had phone calls to make that would have to wait until I got to work.
It all felt very awkward and my life started to feel a little more challenging. I actually had to start prioritizing and organizing my time better without my iPhone. I consider myself pretty well organized, but now I am thinking maybe I’m not. Maybe my iPhone just allows me to multi task so easily that I don’t really have to consider time and priorities. They just happen so seamlessly when I have my phone. This is hard! Not sure I am gonna make it seven days.


My iPhoneless Chronicles

I did it again. I should have learned my lesson in the Omaha airport before catching a flight out to California. But I didn’t. Wednesday I had my iPhone in my back pocket as I went to the restroom between meetings. Plop! Splash! My stomach sank. My beautiful gold iPhone 5S fell right into the toilet pre-waste, thank goodness!
This incident happened on the same day that Apple unveiled its iPhone 6. I swore to my Facebook friends and my family that I didn’t do it on purpose. My phone isn’t even paid for!
The following posts are my observations about myself and people in general on the use and dependency on their phones. I went seven whole days without my phone and learned a little about myself in the process. If you are ever brave enough to try this experience voluntarily, I bet you will learn a few things as well. I hope you enjoy my little journey.
Disclosure: I do have an iPad and laptop so I wasn’t completely off line.


Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

I have been away from my blog for quite some time now. Three months to be exact.  I have a really good reason so I do not feel bad at all.  I dropped my oldest off at college.  Enough said.  It was a process I wasn’t expecting.  Back when we started visiting Universities, it was exciting, a learning curve, and anticipatory.  My daughter got googly – eyed over one University and shed a few tears when she was accepted to that one.  Throughout summer we began prepping for the inevitable drop-off day:  get ready for Greek week, buy all the essentials for a dorm room, pay tuition, figure out meal plans, connect with roommate, and talk about all the great experiences she was going to have.  

Then came the day. A whirlwind of driving, meeting people, decorating the dorm room, and the last minute trip to Target with all the other college kid parents.  And then 7 pm rolled around, and it was time to go.  Time to rip my heart away from my sweet daughter and let her fly.  I knew she would be fine.  That wasn’t it.  It is that she is forever different now.  She will start to navigate her life without consulting me on everything.  “Who thought this was a good idea?”  
“She is going to be too far away.”  As our car drove away from campus, I thought this was the worst idea we had ever had.

We are four weeks in now and I am usually ok with her decision.  She, however, was always good with this choice and is flourishing just as she is supposed to be.  She has her sorority, her floor mates, and new classmates.  She goes to church, does her homework, and her own laundry.  And her text messages reassures me that she is alive and well.  It has been a journey that no one could have prepared me for, but at the end of the day its her journey and I couldn’t be prouder.  IMG_0560