Our Weird Easter Tradition

I remember when Easter held a magical power over my children.  I would buy my girls matching dresses and clean up my little guy in his church best and off we’d go to what I like to call the annual fashion show at mass.  I love the lenten season and the celebration at mass on Easter morning.  Lent is a wonderful time to reflect on our habits and gives us an opportunity to be a better person.

Our Easters these days look much different than they used to.  We sleep in on Sunday morning and the “Easter bunny” throws some chocolate and jelly beans into three old Easter baskets before the kids roll out of bed.  We eat breakfast around 11 am and if I am lucky enough to have nice weather in April in Nebraska I go for a nice long run.

It is ok- this shift from magical Easter to reality easter.  We do make a memorable day of it, just not how most people do it.  We have a nice meal on the china in the dining room, go to mass in the evening, but we add a in a weird tradition.

It is called “The Ugly Easter Egg Contest”.  We’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember and the tradition came from my husband’s side of the family.  Here is how it goes.  Everyone gets 2 hardboiled eggs.  They must make one pretty egg and one ugly egg.  The fun part is that there are hardly any rules for the ugly egg except that it must still be edible.  Each year, we seem to take it one step further.

This year one of my daughter’s applied black dog hair from our lab and placed a black jelly bean on the egg as a top hat.  She titled it “demonic furball”.   My other daughter used avacado mush, honey, & chia seeds, and exploded peep goo.  My son thought mushed bananas and catsup might win the prize, and my husband created a decapitated peep egg with catsup blood included.  Everyone also had to create a title for their creations on notecards.  I was assigned the role of the judge.  This year I graded on creativity, ugliness, and edibility.

IMG_1612 IMG_1613 IMG_1614 IMG_1615


The winner of the ugly egg was my 16 year old whose egg looked like a rotting avacado. The winner of the pretty egg was my husband, Jim who threw in a kiss during the judging for good luck.  His egg was titled “Color of life, I love everyone”.  His win was contested due to swaying the judge, but hey it worked!

I am thinking of opening this up to our friends and hosting it the day before Easter.  But then what would my family do on Easter day?  Would you come to an Ugly Easter Egg Contest?

Oh and my tech connection?  Well Instagram of course!  We tweeted it, Facebooked it and Instagrammed it!  You can follow my Instagram page @ jennykbps.



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