How Pinterest Feeds My Family

Remember your wedding shower when all of your mother’s friends brought recipe cards and someone purchased a lovely recipe card box in which to store these deliciously laden cards?  I could be aging myself here, but my recipe card box is now a space eater full of nostalgia.  I don’t toss it because it makes me feel loved.  To think that all of these women took the time to sit down and put pencil to paper and write out their beloved recipes for me to use for my family some day in the future.



But as they say, the future is now.  I rarely touch that box.  Pinterest now feeds my family and keeps my kitchen in a perpetual flow of interest.  “What are you making Mommy?”  Those look yummy!”  “This could use a bit more flavor”  From my critics and consumers.  I rely on Pinterest to inspire me and help me prepare my menu for the week.  The key is to work one week at a time.  Here is how I keep my clan happy and healthy with delicious meals.  Every Saturday or Sunday, I peruse Pinterest and pin recipes that look highly nutritious and relatively quick and easy.  I choose four main dishes, type out my grocery list on my iphone in Notes, and hit the grocery store.   

This does three things for me.  One, it helps me manage my grocery budget because I can track weekly spending and two, I bypass the stockpile scenario.  You know the one, where you go to Costco and stockpile crackers that people eventually get sick of and never eat.  Lastly, it takes the stress off of what I am going to whip up on a Tuesday night when everyone has to be three places at once.  

I love that recipe box, I really do and I may never get rid of it.  About once a year I take it out and pull out that wonderful Christmas brunch egg casserole or my step dad’s pumpkin pie recipe.  But for everyday planning and feeding a family of five, I am a Pinterest girl through and through!

You can check out some of my favorite recipes on my Pinterest board here.  




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