My Mother-My Blogging Inspiration

As my personal blog begins to grow I am inspired by many people.  This blog is about my mother who is a blogger as well.  I may have gotten her going on this blogging thing, but her posts continue to inspire me. She is a storyteller, poet, painter, thinker, and all around inspiring human.  She is 71 years old and in great health.  She is a gardener, avid volunteer for her church and foster-care organizations.  She is a traveler, a hiker, and a foodie.  She taught art lessons at home, grows her own vegetables and has taught hundreds of high schoolers the value of literature and critical thinking.  She is also pretty techie for a gal her age. We do not live in the same city or state for that matter, but we have a special bond.  Her posts always touch my heart.Image

I love that she blogs because anytime I need to hear her voice or take a moment to pause and consider a different point of view I can read her posts.  When she has a grace-filled moment with a grandchild, she blogs about it.  When she has had a conflict, she blogs about it.  Her posts are filled with inspirational quotes, life lessons, and humorous situations.  When I am struggling to find an idea to write about, I think of her and my life.  I think of small moments that someone else could relate to, or moments that might inspire someone.  Everyone has something to share.  What could you blog about?  Who inspires you?   Check out my mom’s thoughtful posts here.  You just might laugh or learn something new!


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