College Basketball in Nebraska? I’m Still Bleeding KY Blue

This year I am so into March Madness. As a graduate of the University of Kentucky and a parent of a future Kansas Jayhawk I can’t wait to see how this tournament plays out! I also am enjoying watching our local Creighton Jays and Nebraska Huskers make it to the tournament. Doug McDermott’s story of success is one of inspiration! This kid hardly ever misses and his three pointers are amazing! The Kentucky Wildcats’ freshman pack of all- stars is like watching a bunch of rock stars attempt to make a chorus together. Sometimes they are in tune and sometimes it’s a train wreck.

It’s a big year for Nebraska, because The Huskers haven’t been in the tournament since 1998. I am surrounded by Husker fans here in Omaha so how can this not be fun?! My neighbors will all be wearing what I call the Saturday uniform. If you don’t know what the uniform is, let’s just say that sparkly red t shirts and jeans with lots of stitching and bling are a must here in Omaha to show your Husker pride. I will stick to my Kentucky blue in the privacy of my basement sans bling.

As for Creighton, they now fall under the Big East division and have their superstar. I hope they can hang in the tournament for few games. Apparantly the Big East is such a big deal a requiem was produced!

Here is my app of choice to select my brackets: ESPN TC Tournament Challenge. This app is free and you can sign in with your Facebook account so you can easily share and post your results! You can get all the stats you need just by tapping on the team name.

Here is what my final four bracket looks like! I hate that my Wildcats aren’t there, but as a young team their future looks bright! Eventually they will be music to my ears.



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