My New Virtual Fireplaces

We’ve been in our house for about three years now and it finally feels like home.  We’ve decided that a nice outdoor fireplace would be a great addition to the house.  We have the patio and space, we just have to design and literally dig in.  We have always been DIY fans so this could get interesting!

 I used my iPad and a couple of apps to put together some examples of how it could turn out.  Being able to see different color schemes outside is so helpful in choosing the right materials!  It also helps me show my handyman, my husband, what I want.  The apps I used are the camera app and Explain Everything.  The fireplace images came from my favorite design app Houzz.  Here is the basic workflow for creating virtual design possibilities.

 1.  Found images of fireplaces I liked and saved them to my camera roll.

2.  Took a picture of my outdoor patio.

3.  Opened up Explain everything app and chose, “add existing photo”, in this case my outdoor patio picture.  I made sure I made this image the background image.

4.  Added an image of a fireplace I like and used the lasso tool to cut it out. 

5.  Placed it over the background image of my outdoor patio and then clicked save.  


Check out these possibilities for our new fireplace.

I am rooting for the first image minus the dog’s floating head.  The deadline for project completion is May 25!  I will post follow up photos in the future.  Wish us luck!  




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