Getting to Know You Before I Get to Know You

Remember when you went to college and you met your roommate the very first day your parents dropped you off?  You had no idea who they were or what they were about.  You didn’t’ know if they were into hard rock, knitting, drinking, or books.  You had no clue if your new roomie was a slob or a neat freak.  It was a little scary, but somehow you managed to live with your new stranger friend and probably learned a lot from that experience.  
My daughter is getting ready to go off to college.  The time has come to choose a roommate.  It isn’t so simple anymore, or maybe it is simpler.  Upcoming college students stalk each other on the Facebook page the University sets up.  They check out their posted photos, looking for anything that might give them away as a poor choice for a roommate.  They look up their Pinterest boards, Instagram feeds, and if all looks good they start instant messaging.

As it turns out, she actually ended up with a random roommate.  As soon as she got her name she was all over her social media digging deep to see who this girl is.  Even my husband started checking out this poor girl.  I am sure she was doing the same thing with my daughter.  It makes you really think about what our kids post out there for all the world to see.  I always tell my kids, once you have posted something online you can never take it back.  As it turns out, my daughter’s new roommate passed the social media stalking.  Well, all except the k-pop Pinterest board.  My girl is into Indie rock, nail art, and knitting.  This could be interesting for her.  Who knows, maybe she will learn something new about this girl she couldn’t discover on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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