How Pinterest Feeds My Family

Remember your wedding shower when all of your mother’s friends brought recipe cards and someone purchased a lovely recipe card box in which to store these deliciously laden cards?  I could be aging myself here, but my recipe card box is now a space eater full of nostalgia.  I don’t toss it because it makes me feel loved.  To think that all of these women took the time to sit down and put pencil to paper and write out their beloved recipes for me to use for my family some day in the future.



But as they say, the future is now.  I rarely touch that box.  Pinterest now feeds my family and keeps my kitchen in a perpetual flow of interest.  “What are you making Mommy?”  Those look yummy!”  “This could use a bit more flavor”  From my critics and consumers.  I rely on Pinterest to inspire me and help me prepare my menu for the week.  The key is to work one week at a time.  Here is how I keep my clan happy and healthy with delicious meals.  Every Saturday or Sunday, I peruse Pinterest and pin recipes that look highly nutritious and relatively quick and easy.  I choose four main dishes, type out my grocery list on my iphone in Notes, and hit the grocery store.   

This does three things for me.  One, it helps me manage my grocery budget because I can track weekly spending and two, I bypass the stockpile scenario.  You know the one, where you go to Costco and stockpile crackers that people eventually get sick of and never eat.  Lastly, it takes the stress off of what I am going to whip up on a Tuesday night when everyone has to be three places at once.  

I love that recipe box, I really do and I may never get rid of it.  About once a year I take it out and pull out that wonderful Christmas brunch egg casserole or my step dad’s pumpkin pie recipe.  But for everyday planning and feeding a family of five, I am a Pinterest girl through and through!

You can check out some of my favorite recipes on my Pinterest board here.  




My Mother-My Blogging Inspiration

As my personal blog begins to grow I am inspired by many people.  This blog is about my mother who is a blogger as well.  I may have gotten her going on this blogging thing, but her posts continue to inspire me. She is a storyteller, poet, painter, thinker, and all around inspiring human.  She is 71 years old and in great health.  She is a gardener, avid volunteer for her church and foster-care organizations.  She is a traveler, a hiker, and a foodie.  She taught art lessons at home, grows her own vegetables and has taught hundreds of high schoolers the value of literature and critical thinking.  She is also pretty techie for a gal her age. We do not live in the same city or state for that matter, but we have a special bond.  Her posts always touch my heart.Image

I love that she blogs because anytime I need to hear her voice or take a moment to pause and consider a different point of view I can read her posts.  When she has a grace-filled moment with a grandchild, she blogs about it.  When she has had a conflict, she blogs about it.  Her posts are filled with inspirational quotes, life lessons, and humorous situations.  When I am struggling to find an idea to write about, I think of her and my life.  I think of small moments that someone else could relate to, or moments that might inspire someone.  Everyone has something to share.  What could you blog about?  Who inspires you?   Check out my mom’s thoughtful posts here.  You just might laugh or learn something new!


College Basketball in Nebraska? I’m Still Bleeding KY Blue

This year I am so into March Madness. As a graduate of the University of Kentucky and a parent of a future Kansas Jayhawk I can’t wait to see how this tournament plays out! I also am enjoying watching our local Creighton Jays and Nebraska Huskers make it to the tournament. Doug McDermott’s story of success is one of inspiration! This kid hardly ever misses and his three pointers are amazing! The Kentucky Wildcats’ freshman pack of all- stars is like watching a bunch of rock stars attempt to make a chorus together. Sometimes they are in tune and sometimes it’s a train wreck.

It’s a big year for Nebraska, because The Huskers haven’t been in the tournament since 1998. I am surrounded by Husker fans here in Omaha so how can this not be fun?! My neighbors will all be wearing what I call the Saturday uniform. If you don’t know what the uniform is, let’s just say that sparkly red t shirts and jeans with lots of stitching and bling are a must here in Omaha to show your Husker pride. I will stick to my Kentucky blue in the privacy of my basement sans bling.

As for Creighton, they now fall under the Big East division and have their superstar. I hope they can hang in the tournament for few games. Apparantly the Big East is such a big deal a requiem was produced!

Here is my app of choice to select my brackets: ESPN TC Tournament Challenge. This app is free and you can sign in with your Facebook account so you can easily share and post your results! You can get all the stats you need just by tapping on the team name.

Here is what my final four bracket looks like! I hate that my Wildcats aren’t there, but as a young team their future looks bright! Eventually they will be music to my ears.



Infectious Videos Making the World A Better Place

These images caught my eye this morning as I was out and about in Bellevue.

I love how an individual can spread a message that touches people of all ages, race, and demographics!  Kid President is the perfect example of how well made videos touch the hearts of people.  I am amazed at videos that trend on YouTube and inspire so many people.  Never before have we lived in an age when individuals are inspired and moved by complete strangers.  

Kid President is an excellent example of just this!  You can’t help but smile when you watch his videos.  When you see these images popping up at schools, daycares, gyms, and churches you know where they came from!    Not only are his videos well made, but his personality is so infectious you can’t help but watch him.

His story is one of inspiration!  He suffers from a brittle bone disease and has suffered over 70 breaks since his birth yet his amazing spirit and love truly makes the world a better place.  

I absolutely love watching his videos, hearing his contagious laugh, and getting up and dancing with him on YouTube! If you have never watched one of his videos check out his playlist!  I guarantee it will brighten your day!!   Keep up the AWESOMENESS Kid President.


My New Virtual Fireplaces

We’ve been in our house for about three years now and it finally feels like home.  We’ve decided that a nice outdoor fireplace would be a great addition to the house.  We have the patio and space, we just have to design and literally dig in.  We have always been DIY fans so this could get interesting!

 I used my iPad and a couple of apps to put together some examples of how it could turn out.  Being able to see different color schemes outside is so helpful in choosing the right materials!  It also helps me show my handyman, my husband, what I want.  The apps I used are the camera app and Explain Everything.  The fireplace images came from my favorite design app Houzz.  Here is the basic workflow for creating virtual design possibilities.

 1.  Found images of fireplaces I liked and saved them to my camera roll.

2.  Took a picture of my outdoor patio.

3.  Opened up Explain everything app and chose, “add existing photo”, in this case my outdoor patio picture.  I made sure I made this image the background image.

4.  Added an image of a fireplace I like and used the lasso tool to cut it out. 

5.  Placed it over the background image of my outdoor patio and then clicked save.  


Check out these possibilities for our new fireplace.

I am rooting for the first image minus the dog’s floating head.  The deadline for project completion is May 25!  I will post follow up photos in the future.  Wish us luck!  




Getting to Know You Before I Get to Know You

Remember when you went to college and you met your roommate the very first day your parents dropped you off?  You had no idea who they were or what they were about.  You didn’t’ know if they were into hard rock, knitting, drinking, or books.  You had no clue if your new roomie was a slob or a neat freak.  It was a little scary, but somehow you managed to live with your new stranger friend and probably learned a lot from that experience.  
My daughter is getting ready to go off to college.  The time has come to choose a roommate.  It isn’t so simple anymore, or maybe it is simpler.  Upcoming college students stalk each other on the Facebook page the University sets up.  They check out their posted photos, looking for anything that might give them away as a poor choice for a roommate.  They look up their Pinterest boards, Instagram feeds, and if all looks good they start instant messaging.

As it turns out, she actually ended up with a random roommate.  As soon as she got her name she was all over her social media digging deep to see who this girl is.  Even my husband started checking out this poor girl.  I am sure she was doing the same thing with my daughter.  It makes you really think about what our kids post out there for all the world to see.  I always tell my kids, once you have posted something online you can never take it back.  As it turns out, my daughter’s new roommate passed the social media stalking.  Well, all except the k-pop Pinterest board.  My girl is into Indie rock, nail art, and knitting.  This could be interesting for her.  Who knows, maybe she will learn something new about this girl she couldn’t discover on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!